Hannah Mathews Moore

Hannah Matthews Moore is a New York City trained Colorist and Stylist. She was proudly built from the ground up by her mentors at Dop Dop Salon and continues her education with the Redken Brand as an Artist and educator to many other salons and hairdressers. She travels the country fulfilling the requests of her clients and enjoys living her big life to the fullest.
Her inspiration comes from every day city life. Each and every conversation she has with her clients sparks inspiration. She loves finding out exactly what color and shape makes them shine bright in this crowded city.  
Her unique combination of education includes a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre, a 2.5 year apprenticeship at DopDopSalon post Cosmetology School, and a Masters of Business Administration. Along with the many photo-shoots and hair shows she has had the privilege to work on have all contributed to the professional, comfortable, and confident hairdresser she is today.
She specializes in naturally curly hair and her striking blondes and vibrant reds have been known to turn heads. When behind the chair her focus is on making sure her client can recreate an effortless look and maintain a manageable plan for their hair, all while doing it with the biggest smile and the best jokes!